2020 Travel basketball schedule



Here is the Schedule for our travel season. Please read through everything and read all the fine print. We have 19 events scheduled to play in as an organization. With that said there are several weekends where we will be sending half our teams to an event and the other half to another event.

  We have selected which teams are going to which events based on the coaches that are coaching multiple teams having to be at the same event with both teams. So they are spilt into group 1 and group 2. They are listed below, so when you look at the events below it will say below the event name All teams, Group 1, group 2 or all qualified teams.

  Some of the bigger tournaments you must qualify to play in. They all have a different qualifier so I will be going over that part with each coach. Keep in mind that in some grades we may make the decision for the bigger events to combine teams in the same grade to try and qualify for nationals. Those teams will be decided by Myself, the coaches of the teams involved and our trainers.


With our 9th and 10th Grade teams I let the coaches of those teams make some modifications to the schedule based on how the teams are performing. If they do well in May and June and coaches decide to take them to a showcase tournament I leave that up to the coach to discuss with his team.


  We will also be adding several more 9th, 10th and 11th grade teams in the next few weeks. We are waiting on a bunch of players and coaches to finish up their highschool seasons before we can start.


Group 1

1. 5th Grade red/Coach Zay

2. 10th Grade red/Coach Zay

3. 8th Grade black/Coach Dj

4. 6th Grade black/Coach Carlin

5. 8th Grade white/Coach Andrew Denenea

6. 9th Grade red/Coach Tahj Bradley

Group 2

1. 5Th Grade Black/Coach Eddie Timmons

2. 7th Grade Black/Coach Eddie Timmons

3. 6th Grade red/Coach Errol Gauff

4. 4th Grade red/Coach Jason White

5. 8th Grade red/Coach Max Ward

6. 7th grade white/Coach Jason White

7. 10th Grade White/Coach Joey Toulis





1.Tip Off Classic    March 7th-8th                                       

all teams through 8th grade    Slidell    

$200 divided by # of players        

2.St. Bernard Ballers Classic    March 14th - 15th    

Group 1    St. Bernard    

$200 divided by # of players


3.Broncos Invitational March 14th -15th

Group 2    Zachary

$200 divided by # of players      


4.Clash Of The Titans March 21st-22nd  

All Teams  Hammond

$200 divided by # of players


5.Red Storm Invitational    March 28th- 29th    

Group 1    Baton rouge    

$200 divided by # of players


6.New Orleans City Championships March 28th- 29th

Group 2      Metairie

$200 divided by # of players


7.YBOA Power Rankings Tournament    April 4th - 5th    

all teams     Hammond    

$200 divided by # of players        

8.Southern Exposure     April 18 - 19    

all teams     Hammond    

$200 divided by # of players        

9.YBOA Spring Classic    April 25-26     

All teams    Slidell    

$200 divided by # of players        

10.YBOA Miss. Regionals    May 2nd -3rd    

All Teams that Qualify  Jackson    

$200 divided by # of players        


11.YBOA State Tune Up    May 9th - 10th    

All Teams    Hammond    

$200 divided by # of players        

12.Gulf Coast Super National Qualifer    May 15th-17th    

All Teams that Qualify    Biloxi    

$299 divided by # of players  *Select National team Event

13.Kings of the coast    May 23rd-24th    

All teams   Biloxi  

$200 divided by # of players        

14.YBOA State Championships    May 30th-31st    

All Teams that Qualify    Hammond    

$300 divided by # of players  *Select National Team Event

15.The Shakedown    June 20th-21st  

 All Teams    Biloxi    

$200 divided by # of players        

16.Summer Showdown    June 27th-28th     

Lower ranked teams in each grade    New Orleans    

$200 divided by # of players        

17.Ballin On the Bayou    June 27th-28th     

Highest Ranked team in each Grade    New Orleans  

$250 divided by # of players  *Select National Team Event

18.YBOA National Championships    July 5th-8th

Grades 8th- 11th all teams that qualify Polk County, Fl.   

$495 divided by # of players  *Select National Team Event

19.YBOA National Championships    July 9th-12th

Grades 4th- 7th All teams that qualify Polk County, Florida 

$495 divided by # of players  *Select National Team Event