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Our Programs

Here at the Titan Basketball Academy we believe in teaching all players fundamentals. To achieve that we do our training and game play based off of skill not age.

Training Academy

To be a member of our Academy the cost is $99 per month. As a member you are able to attend our group training sessions. You can attend any location for group training. Look at our schedule and location page to verify times and days. Also as a member you  have access to our Academic tutors you are also able to attend our Saturday game play, try out for our travel teams and elite travel teams.   

Saturday Game Play

This is our most popular option for our multi sport athletes. We have a ton of local travel teams that call us for scrimmage games on Saturdays. The way it works is you still attend training as much as you would like. You can inform us of the Saturdays that you child is available to play. On those Saturdays they will be placed on a team to go out and compete. Our players that are on our travel teams and Elite Travel teams also participate in Saturday game play when they are not at a tournament.



Travel Basketball

This level is for the players who take the sport a little more serious and want to put in the time to improve their game. This is for the players that want to play basketball in junior high, high school, College and who knows maybe professionally some day. This will include several days a week of fundamental skills training and mandatory team practices. It will also include being placed on a travel team that you must make a commitment to. These teams will be put together based on grade and skill level.

Elite Travel Basketball

This level is for the elite players that are looking for the opportunity to travel to highly competitive tournaments and compete against the best competition. The players in this group will be selected by our Elite Travel coaches through our try out and evaluation process.

Private Training Sessions

We offer a very wide array of private training sessions. You can choose from any of the trainers on our staff to sharpen your skills. Private sessions are charged by the hour. The costs will be determined by how many players you are scheduling a private session for.

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