This past year the Titans not only became one of the largest training academies in the state. We also became one of the largest most accomplished travel programs in the state.

Travel Season Update



   As most of you already know we have been trying to incorporate The Titans Travel program into the high school basketball arena. The reason for this is to get our players involved with and playing for high school coaches during travel season. This season there were some bumps in the road having all high school coaches on our staff. The month of June was very complicated when it came to team practices which we will make some adjustments for next season.


With that said we have come to an agreement to have a League on The South shore this year that is going to run November Through February. This league will be for all of our Titans that are part of our training programs on the Northshore and South shore. We have two divisions for the league. There will be a beginners level league and a competitive league.  We will be allowing travel teams from the area to enter our league and play in the competitive division. We will be playing games at two South shore high schools that both have two courts per location. We did this same league with the same set up the year prior to covid and it was a huge success. There will be more info at the beginning of October.




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